10 DIY tips for your home.

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10 DIY tips for your home.

When it comes to DIY there is nothing better than some of lifes hacks to get the job done quicker, smarter or even to make life simple. We have gathered together 10 of the top DIY tips for your home that you can use today (too see more take a look at Buzzfeed)

1. A hinged painting is ideal to hide your thermostat

2. How about an old laundry basket to create a different wall pattern when painting.

3. When painting a room keep some of the paint in a small handy jar which can then use for touch ups as and when needed.

4.Use a shelf when storing narrow items in deep storage spaces.

5.Use Ice cubes can take indentations out of carpets.

6. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet.

7. Use a rubber band for stripped screws.

8. Use acrylic-latex caulk to keep rugs from slipping.

9. Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer so you don’t have to hold your nails in your mouth.

10. Foam noodles in your garage can save your door and the wall.